ETA: Submitomancy fell short of the funding goal, unfortunately, so isn’t going to happen. (Thank you, Zac, for your suggestion that we add a note about the project’s status.) Guest Post by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley I first experienced the magical power of recent responses on Absolute Write. I had just started sending out my first novel … Read more

Merry Christmas, AWers!

May your Christmas be bright and may your path bring you to a place of warmth, love, and closeness. And may the coming New Year hold joys beyond counting. Thank you for being here!

It’s Banned Books Week!

You can read more about it here. In the meantime, what’s on the ALA banned and challenged list that you’ve read and loved? The books on this list are books from the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century that have been the target of ban attempts. F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great … Read more

Calling Authors

So I’ve had a fabulous email exchange this week with writer Elizabeth West, who has recently started running the author-advertiser program for I asked her to send me a release about a holiday promotion they’re doing, because I thought it might be of interest to a number of you AWers out there looking for … Read more

Clarion Write-A-Thon

There’s still time! What is a write-a-thon, anyway? It’s just like a walk-a-thon. But instead of walking, we’re writing, and instead of making pledges per mile, we’re making pledges per word, chapter, or story. Writers get support, encouragement and motivation, and the option of joining a team with a writing mentor! Those who care about … Read more