3 thoughts on “Election 2012”

  1. As a registered voter for over 30 yrs. and have never missed an opportunity to do my civic duty, I am very concerned about the lack of consideration given to the people affected by hurricane Sandy. Many are without homes, vehicles, electricity, the bare necessities of every day life, etc., I feel that casting their vote in this extremely important election, is the last thing on their minds. I understand accommodations have been made by positioning portable voting machines in various areas, but I do not feel this is adequate assistance, nor nearly enough support given to those devastated by this tragedy. I sincerely believe this could have a severe effect on the election process. I also feel more could have been done earlier to accommodate the people who care about our country’s future.

  2. It’s definitely a difficult year for those hard-hit areas, John. I’m following reports from NYC from people still standing in line at their polling places, even though the polls have been officially closed for hours.

    Chris Christie, in New Jersey, did take a bunch of steps to make voting more possible for people affected by the storm, including extra hours at election offices, and extended early-voting hours.

    But it’s a terrible situation, and there’s so very much devastation that people are having to deal with — like still not having heat or power, and still trying to get themselves to their polling places.

  3. There has been more time and effort put into winning the election then there has been taking care of the people struggling from sandy. And do American people understand what they have just done voting Obama backto the presidents chair. A question for the struggling Americans where are you going to get the mony for your health care, with no jobs from the goverment ye right. I thought america had smarter people. Good luck

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