From The Dishwasher Froths Success

By C.S. Paquin Success as a freelance writer has come from the dishwasher— no, not via a lucrative commercial-copy gig bubbling with the attributes of a kitchen appliance, but from the old dishwasher installed in our new apartment. The state of my kitchen defines my professional success and pre-dishwasher, chaos reigned! Last night’s dishes piled … Read more

Four Scary Things Writers Must Learn to Embrace!

Guest post by Francesca Nicasio When I first started out, there were some things that I tried to avoid as much as possible because they were uncomfortable scared the crap out of me. It didn’t take long though before I realized that my avoidance was getting me nowhere and if I really wanted to succeed … Read more

The Seven Deadly Sins of Freelance Writing

Guest Post by Francesca StaAna Wondering why your articles aren’t getting a lot of views or clicks? Stressing about the fact that you’re not getting enough repeat clients?  You might be committing these deadly freelance writing mistakes: Silence (Not following up) Contrary to what some might think, just because a prospect doesn’t immediately respond to … Read more


ETA: Submitomancy fell short of the funding goal, unfortunately, so isn’t going to happen. (Thank you, Zac, for your suggestion that we add a note about the project’s status.) Guest Post by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley I first experienced the magical power of recent responses on Absolute Write. I had just started sending out my first novel … Read more

10 Ways to Annoy a Newspaper Editor

By Joni Hubred-Golden Almost 20 years ago, I broke into journalism by walking, wide-eyed with fear, into a tiny newspaper office and asking whether the editor would accept a freelance submission. Since I hadn’t thought ahead far enough to consider a topic, he gave me the name of an artist who made rugs. That’s just … Read more

Analyze Your Writing Market for Optimum Success

By Annette Young Check out the latest issue of the Writers & Artists Yearbook and you can find information on a multitude of magazines that accept submissions from freelance writers. But is the information they provide enough? The brief description can indicate whether the publication may be the type of magazine you wish to write … Read more

10 Suggestions for Sticking with Writing

By Penny A. Zeller I contemplated quitting early in my career as a writer. My reason? A rejection letter. I received a request to see a bicycling article I had spent weeks perfecting. Excitedly, I sent the article and numerous photographs to the editor. Not a week later, I received the manuscript back in the … Read more

Writing Web Copy

 By James Guill Copywriting for the Web for a wide audience More and more freelance writing opportunities, including copywriting, occur in the digital realm, as more print publications seem to be closing their doors every year. Providing copy for an online resource is obviously not as simple as it seems. If it were, there would … Read more

Six Steps to Getting Published

By Georganne Fiumara Freelance writing is a rewarding way to work at home. As a writer, you have the special opportunity to influence what others think and do. You can touch emotions and possibly even change the course of a reader’s life. Each year, millions of men and women will attempt to have their words … Read more

Home Advantage

By Bill Harper If you’re a seasoned freelancer, then you’ll have discovered the real benefit of working from home: being able to act like a complete slob while you’re writing. Sure, you tell everyone else about the flexible hours, being your own boss, and not having to drive to work every day. But let’s face … Read more