ETA: Submitomancy fell short of the funding goal, unfortunately, so isn’t going to happen. (Thank you, Zac, for your suggestion that we add a note about the project’s status.) Guest Post by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley I first experienced the magical power of recent responses on Absolute Write. I had just started sending out my first novel … Read more


A rather silly and  inaccurate article from WSJ proclaiming The Death of the Slush Pile. An excellent post on agent Janet Reid’s blog, Slush Works. A discussion on the AW forums, that references both essays. This stuff comes up every now and then. Every week it seems like some new Website goes up, announcing that they’ll … Read more

Ten Common Submission Package Errors

By Rudy Shur Excerpted from the book How To Publish Your Nonfiction Book Over the years, I’ve seen literally hundreds of submission packages. Some of them inspired me to immediately request more information from the author. In other cases, however, I could not send the package to the kill pile quickly enough. Throughout this chapter, … Read more