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So I’ve had a fabulous email exchange this week with writer Elizabeth West, who has recently started running the author-advertiser program for I asked her to send me a release about a holiday promotion they’re doing, because I thought it might be of interest to a number of you AWers out there looking for good ways to promote your book.

She’s quite generously done so, with permission for me to share it with all of you:

The Piggies are proud to announce Santa Sampler, an ebook sample reading competition for their readers that will provide raw market data back to every author who signs up. And the prizes for the readers are gift cards (so they can hopefully buy books, they already own ereaders).

“Our readers have enjoyed our recent ebook giveaways where they read the sample and answer a trivia question. We are suspending these after September to support the Santa Sampler. The question and answer keeps the giveaways focused on our loyal readers who are part of our community, not every stranger clicking a link to just enter as many giveaways as possible,” said Ms. West.

Each book in the Santa Sampler will have the ebook sample rated on a very simple premise: how likely on a scale of 1-10 would the reader read the rest of the book? Additionally, readers will identify how often they read the book’s genre. The voting part of the promotion runs from September 30, 2012 until November 10, 2012 with $2,000 in gift card prizes for the readers.

After the rating process, the books move into the holiday promotion part of the Santa Sampler. From November 18, 2012 until January 5, 2012, each book will be promoted for one week on and in their Facebook pages, and will also be part of special Reindeer Games – activities for the readers to interact with that week’s books.

“We’re really opening up holiday promotions beyond just the Christmas story. Each week has a theme, such as the Naughty List, Villains so Evil, They Aren’t Even Getting a Lump of Coal! That could be thriller books, horror books etc,” said Ms. West. “When I first pitched the idea to our readers, they loved the idea of a community vetted To Be Read list.”

And that’s the last piece of the Santa Sampler, the ebook specific holiday catalogs. Each book, with the best rating information it received, will be featured in a Kindle or Nook in an ebook file. This catalog, or technically an ebook, will be sideloaded by the readers so they can shop’s TBR pile right inside their ereader through links.

“Santa Sampler is long tail promotion to get your ebook title familiar to over 23,000 readers. If a reader is an elf, they will likely check out your sample. If they just hang out with us for deals, they’ll see your book during the Reindeer Games or in the catalog. And really the most important part is getting that raw data from the votes on real reader opinions on your book sample, plus find out if you’re appealing to readers across genres,” said Ms. West.

Registration for’s Santa Sampler is open now, with limited spots available for $95 and regular priced spots available for $125. This price is for 7 total weeks of promotion, six weeks of voting, one week of promotion during the holiday season. Registrations will close September 25, 2012 or when all 200 spots have sold out.

To view the promotional video that went out to readers, click here.

So you heard it here, AWers! For more information, check out the Santa Sampler Holiday Promotion on

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  1. Just wanted to point out short story contest offered by They have several genres to choose from. Might be fun.

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