Character-driven or Action-driven?

By Martha Alderson Most writers have a preference for one style of writing over another. Some writers are more adept at developing complex, interesting, and quirky characters. Others excel at page-turning action. The lucky writers are good at creating both the character emotional development plotline and the dramatic action plotline. Become aware of your strength … Read more

Writing a Great Short Story

By Lee Masterson Short stories can be an excellent way to break into the competitive field of fiction publishing. Novel publishers are more willing to look at work written by an author whose work has already appeared in print. Magazines and periodicals love the short form, so selling the work can often be simpler than … Read more

Oncoming Contest Deadlines, Fee-Free Edition

Redstone Science Fiction’s “Identity Crisis” contest is accepting submissions until August 15. There’s no entry fee, and winners get 5 cents per word (4,000 word maximum). The contest’s prompt is an essay titled “Identity Crisis: Who Are We, If We Can Choose Who We Are?” which, along with the publication’s submission guidelines, can be found … Read more

What Point of View?

By Callum Shakespeare What point of view? It is the question we all ask ourselves when writing a short story, novel, and in some cases, a poem. And there is no easy answer. The point of view (POV) must suit your style as an author, the requirements of your chosen genre, and your plot. Perhaps … Read more