Interview with Bill Shunn

Interview by Amy Brozio-Andrews Bill Shunn is a Nebula Award-nominated science fiction writer and stage/film reviewer. His work has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Science Fiction Age, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Science Fiction Weekly, among others.  Listen to Shunncast, his biweekly podcast at at iTunes. Visit for more. … Read more

Tips for Avoiding Total Disaster as a Novelist

By Kris Saknussemm The problem with “should” advice is that it’s either something you already know, i.e., your diet should include more fruit and vegetables than cheeseburgers and martinis—or it’s something really difficult (like consuming more fruit and vegetables than cheeseburgers and martinis). Based on my own stumbling, fumbling experience, I offer the following list of things … Read more

Critical Critiques: Feedback from Friends and Family

By Natalie Lorenzi You’ve heard the same advice over and over — nix the pink paper for submissions and don’t ever ask your loved ones  to critique your writing (unless they are writers themselves — and even then, it’s questionable). Why are so many writers negative about feedback from friends and family? Feedback from Friends … Read more

Living Creatively: Word Play

By Dawn Allcot As a child, I spent hours playing Scrabble, Word Yahtzee, and Boggle with my mother. Thinking back, all this child’s play was merely a precursor to my adult life as a professional writer. I still love playing with word play; playing with letters and words, rearranging them to change their meanings, create … Read more

Self-Publish Your Own Book — A Timeline

By Patricia Fry The thought of self-publishing can be daunting. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the processes of setting up a publishing company, writing a book, taking care of the business aspects of preparing that book, and then there’s promotion. But many professionals recommend self-publishing as an alternative to trade publishing. Why? You maintain … Read more

Anatomy of a Newspaper Feature

By Ben Baker As a newspaper editor for longer than I really want to think about, I’ve written, read, edited, and cursed more newspaper feature articles than anyone except another newspaper editor. The cursing part comes in because most newspaper feature articles I read are one-person interviews which are almost monologues of the person being … Read more