How to Write a Book That Will Actually Sell

By Patricia Fry Is it possible to predetermine the success of your book before you start writing it? To a degree, yes. Some of your choices during the planning and writing phases of your book can definitely influence eventual sales. There’s no sense in leaving the future of your book to chance, when you can … Read more

The Book Launch: One Survivor’s Story

By Lauri Kubuitsile 5:30 p.m.: Okay, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to live in the moment tonight, &agrav; la Oprah. I’m not going to be my normal spastic self, planning every minute of my future, coming up with fantastic scenarios that keep me obsessed for hours. I am not going to spend the whole … Read more

Promote Your Prose: Promotional Material For Your Books

By Mary Emma Allen “What promotional materials do you have to make your book stand out and help us sell it?” a bookstore events coordinator asked. There are a variety of materials you can use to let others know about your book and help make it noticeable in bookstores. With today’s computer printing programs, you … Read more

Interview: Susan Bays, Independent Publisher at Arbutus Press

By Gloriana  Susan Stites Bays publishes under the name of Susan Bays, and writes as Susan Stites.  She owns and operates Arbutus Press, a small independent company that publishes nonfiction subjects relating to Michigan and the Midwest only. Arbutus Press flourishes due to Susan’s skills, resourcefulness and drive.  Here, Susan shares some of her secrets—how she began, … Read more