Can you Really Write a Book in Two Weeks?

By Magdalena Ball “You can write a novel in 14 days or less!” Sound familiar? I’ve seen a number of advertisements recently selling “how-to” guides on speedwriting. They offer some tempting promises, including that you will be able to (guaranteed!) write a fabulous book, either fiction or nonfiction, within a very short space of time, … Read more

Getting the Scoop on Poetry Contest Scams

By Linda Alice Dewey “Congratulations! Your poem has been selected for our next anthology.” Every year, these words bring tears to the eyes of thousands of poets, first from joy— then from anger. Why the anger? Because in many cases, they’ve been swindled. Submitting work to a legitimate writing contest can be a rewarding experience, … Read more

Interview: Lois Duncan

Interview by RoseEtta Stone Lois Duncan is a multiple award-winning author of more than forty books, most of which are YA (young adult) metaphysical/ paranormal-themed suspense novels. She’s received fifteen international young readers’ awards. There are so many questions to ask you; why don’t we begin with your banned books? You knew that Killing Mr. … Read more