Author Beware — A book publishing horror story

By Sharon Hill In 2001, my co-author and I signed a contract for a nonfiction book. I was a freelance writer/editor with my own business, and my client-turned-coauthor had come to me with a request to produce a brochure for his corporate clients. These executives were being hounded by requests from employees to implement telework … Read more

Writer Beware: Sharks in the Literary Waters

By Victoria Strauss There are sharks out there in the literary waters.  Be wary: literary deceptions abound, from fee-charging agents to dishonest book doctors to fraudulent subsidy publishers to fake contests. Some of them are staggeringly successful. Edit Ink, for instance, a book doctoring firm that engaged in a kickback scheme with disreputable literary agents, … Read more

Getting the Scoop on Poetry Contest Scams

By Linda Alice Dewey “Congratulations! Your poem has been selected for our next anthology.” Every year, these words bring tears to the eyes of thousands of poets, first from joy— then from anger. Why the anger? Because in many cases, they’ve been swindled. Submitting work to a legitimate writing contest can be a rewarding experience, … Read more