In the Eye of the Beholder

By Alaina Alexander I remember reciting stories into a tape recorder and playing them back for the neighborhood kids. Sometimes my stories wouldn’t go over well or the tape would run out, and in either case, I found myself high-tailing it home with a gang of kids close on my tail. They debated whether or … Read more

The Zen of Rejection

By Magdalena Ball It couldn’t have happened at a worse moment.  My car had just been hit by a truck and I was standing amidst the wreckage of glass and metal when my post lady pulled up.  After ascertaining that I wasn’t hurt, she handed me a package: the obviously thick SASE that went along … Read more

Writing and Menopause

By Laura Lee Carter Becoming a writer is made so much more interesting by menopause. Since I’m going through “the change”and changing everything else in my life (hair colors, houses, husbands, etc.), I decided to change careers too. Ask my new and unbelievably patient husband, Mike, who listens regularly to my sobbing fits in the … Read more


By Mark Terry A long, long time ago (in what occasionally does seem a galaxy far, far away), I decided I wanted to be a writer. This was toward the end of my college career, between, I believe, my junior and senior years. I was majoring in microbiology and public health and not doing a … Read more