Contract Basics: Read This Before You Sign on the Dotted Line!

By Jodi Brandon Hurrah — your book proposal or your magazine query has been accepted, and a contract is on its way. “Great,” you say enthusiastically to your agent or editor, even though you’re thinking, I don’t know how the heck to read a contract! Don’t panic. Perhaps the most common misconception among writers—especially new writers—is … Read more

Author Appearances: Top Ten Tips

By C. Hope Clark Your heart races, banging against your ribs, your chest, your throat. Fingers grip a pen to disguise the shake. The other hand flattens on your leg, your side, and your leg again drying the moisture that never disappears. You did not bargain for exhibition when you entered the world of writing. … Read more

Getting the Scoop on Poetry Contest Scams

By Linda Alice Dewey “Congratulations! Your poem has been selected for our next anthology.” Every year, these words bring tears to the eyes of thousands of poets, first from joy— then from anger. Why the anger? Because in many cases, they’ve been swindled. Submitting work to a legitimate writing contest can be a rewarding experience, … Read more