Interview with Laura Kinsale

Lessons in French
Lessons in French

I get to read a lot of interviews with writers, editors, publishers, and other assorted interesting people. This interview posted on Tartitude is very fun. Not just because award-winning NYT best-selling author┬áLaura Kinsale has a new book out, but Hope101’s interview questions aren’t just the same old standards, either, and Ms. Kinsale’s answers have humor, heart, and a sense of fun that’s a joy to read.

Ms. Kinsale has more advice for writers in a Q&A posted today on Apprentice Writer, as well.

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You can find Lessons in French at your local bookstore, or your favorite online bookseller.

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  1. Hope 101 not only conducts great interviews,she also heads the Cherry Tarts on facebook, doles out writing advice and encouragement on a daily basis and has ‘wit that won’t quit’!! All this while being *frozen-in* somewhere in the Canadian tundra..

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