Stumped by Dialogue?

This is just to let you know that one of our advertisers,, has a very affordable online class for learning to write effective dialogue beginning February 1st.

The course instructor is writer Catherine McLean:

“Catherine McLean is a published author of science fiction, paranormal, and contemporary (romance) short stories. She has had more than two dozen articles published on the craft of writing. For more than ten years she’s given workshop for writers at conferences, college personal enrichment courses, and online writing courses.”

You can find out more about Ms. McLean at her Web site,

1 thought on “Stumped by Dialogue?”

  1. Hi I am 18 and currently working on a children’s book. I heard that this was a good site to ask questions about trust worthy publishing. I want to find out which of these in the list are OK to send info too. I have plenty of time seeing how I am still working on the book as well as other important assignments.
    Action Publishing
    Alef Design Group
    All About Kids Publishing
    I am very wary of the scam that people do in the art industry and such. My grandfather already had an issue trying to sell HIS book and received nothing in return. Thank you for your time and help. 😀

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