Working at Writing

By Moushumi Chakrabarty Making a commitment to yourself as a writer often falls into the waiting traps of washing machines, meals and procrastinations — specially if you are a work-at-home type of person. I am. Corporate chit-chat is definitely not what turns me on, writing-wise and in other ways. So when I quit the entire … Read more

Writing Between Diapers

By Mayra Calvani Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent. —C. G. Jung After a bad night of hardly any sleep, you’re sitting at the computer staring at the blank screen. You wonder if you’ll be able to do it—inish that article, short … Read more

No Time to Write?

By Sherryl Clark It’s a familiar complaint. Everything else seems to get in the way—family commitments, work, sports, the need to sleep—and nowhere is there time to sit down and write. People often say to me, “How do you find the time? You’re so prolific.” Well, no, ‘m not. A lot of the time I … Read more

No Rules, Just Write

By Jeanne M. Fielding 1,000 words a day or more? You’ve got to be kidding! As if writing a story wasn’t daunting enough, published writers have killed many a tree imparting the “writing is a discipline” mantra. You must commit to writing five gazillion words a day—no matter how long it takes you. My reply … Read more

Dry Dock: When Real Life Takes Writers Ashore

By Sarojni Mehta-Lissak To set things straight, I am not a writer who suffers from writer’s block. Yes, the occasional lull passes through me and I feel stymied, but writer’s block is not my issue — real life is. Since becoming a writer, I have seen patterns emerge that interfere with my writing life; those life … Read more

Can you Really Write a Book in Two Weeks?

By Magdalena Ball “You can write a novel in 14 days or less!” Sound familiar? I’ve seen a number of advertisements recently selling “how-to” guides on speedwriting. They offer some tempting promises, including that you will be able to (guaranteed!) write a fabulous book, either fiction or nonfiction, within a very short space of time, … Read more