How To Avoid Being Trapped

By Nancy Julien Kopp Can a writer be compared to a jungle animal? Is a writer anything like the tawny leopard who pauses in a shaft of golden sunlight and lifts his regal head, nostrils flaring? He crouches low to the ground and proceeds toward his next sure meal. The leopard ignores all other aspects … Read more

Career Smart Writing

By Ursula Vogt The most important work any writer can do will never see an editor’s desk. It doesn’t make any difference what you write, where you publish, or even if you’re watching the mail for your first acceptance letter; the few pages you write for yourself can build a new career, or take an … Read more

Five Ways to Beat the Waiting Game

By S. W. Vaughn One of the many unavoidable facets of the writing life is the waiting. Writers wait until their prose is polished to perfection. We wait for feedback from writers’ groups and trusted readers. We wait for weeks, months or years for responses to our queries. Even when the ultimate goal of publication … Read more

Thoughts on a Bicycle Going Nowhere

By Susanne Shaphren My boring black bicycle traveled over 1500 miles last year without ever leaving the house Day after day, I pedal furiously only to wind up in exactly the same spot. The daily routine of well-disciplined writers is alarmingly similar to that bicycle going nowhere. Day after day, we write, revise and cross … Read more

The Art of Revision

By Sherryl Clark Writers seem to fall into two categories: those who hate the first draft and love the slow, detailed pleasure of revision, and those who love the rush and excitement of the first draft and hate revision. Many of us balk at revision. I’ve heard writers vow that their work comes out so … Read more

Don’t Wait: Associate!

By Amy Brozio-Andrews Most writers have probably thought about joining a writers’ association at one time or another. Hesitant about what you’d actually get out of it in return for your hard-earned money, you’ve probably put it off more than once. Numerous organizations have been created to serve writers of every genre, and while most … Read more

Becoming Adept at Juggling

By LJ Dovichi I’d always dreamed of becoming a professional writer but I was too busy working to take the time. Sure, I had free time, but I spent it doing things with my husband, not because I had to but because I wanted to. Then I gave birth to our son and the luxury … Read more