P. N. Elrod Offers Critique

Picture of P. N. Elrod's dog Fuzzy.
P. N. Elrod’s dog Fuzzy.

That’s right, P. N. Elrod the multi-talented author of The Vampire Files urban fantasy series (among many other books and genres) is offering critiques.

This isn’t something she does lightly, and this is a rare opportunity to have a sample of your writing critiqued by a pro.

Elrod is offering critiques to help pay the bills for her miracle dog Fuzzy; that’s Fuzzy in the picture. Fuzzy’s medical bills are in the triple digits. P. N. Elrod is offering critiques to help pay them down.

Here are P. N. Elrod’s terms for a critique.  They’re reasonable, and yes, affordable for even the frugal. She’s also put up some items—Doctor Who Goodies, and original cover art painting—for sale in P. N. Elrod’s Garage Sale (scroll all the way to the bottom to read Fuzzy’s story).

Even if it’s not for you, if you have writerly friends who might benefit from the knowledge of a working writing professional, please spread the word!

5 thoughts on “P. N. Elrod Offers Critique”

  1. Matthew, I’d contact Ms. Elrod and ask her how she feels about a short story crit, if that’s what you’re writing.

    I know she’s published shorts; she might say “sure!”

  2. Hey there!

    I was blown away that Absolute Write noticed my little funding project for sweet Fuzzy. I got a link to this page and first want to say hello and THANK YOU!

    Second, I’m open to looking at long AND short works because the word limit is 2500. Books and stories are often sold on the first ten pages, after all. More than that and I just don’t have the time.

    It’s a donation payment made after you get the critique delivered. I ask a minimum of 10.00, but for that you get a couple hours of my full attention. It goes to a good cause, helping pay down Fuzzy-dawg’s four-figure bill. BTW, she’s doing fine, still needs to be guided sometimes, but a cheerful sweetheart. I’m lucky to have her!

    And third….THANK YOU *AGAIN,* Absolute Write!

    Pat Elrod <3

  3. Thanks a lot for this opportunity Ms. Elrod. I know I couldn’t really afford to hire an editor to look over my work for $1k or more. So this means a lot to me that you are doing this. And I hope your dog gets the treatment all pets deserve when they need help. Good luck in raising the money!

  4. I really wish I could. But I have a seagull in my story (a fly-in character) that gets too close to the boundary of a teleportation portal, with fatal consequences.

    Best wishes for the dog, though.

    My wife is the same way about animals. She won’t watch Old Yeller with me.

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