Win a Signed Copy of Peter Straub’s New Book!

A Dark Matter, by Peter StraubDetails on the official Peter Straub Facebook page:

Win a signed copy of A DARK MATTER! Straub’s Madison, Wisconsin is a scary place, but every town has its secrets, right? Describe the scariest thing about your town here. The best entry as judged by the administrators will win a signed copy of A DARK MATTER. Contest ends midnight EST, 2/9/10.

Don’t post your descriptions here! Post ’em over there!

But if you’re wanting to comment here, tell us what you’re reading, what you like, and what you’re dyin’ to read next. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve just finished reading an ARC of Connie Willis’ new book, Blackout. I’ll be posting a review tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Win a Signed Copy of Peter Straub’s New Book!”

  1. it’s not the grizzly bears, and it’s not the black bears. it’s the wooden structures and full scale cabins located dozens of miles in the middle of nowhere. it’s the chests and freezers that were dumped in the middle of the woods, turning up the same day after deep winter murder. it’s the one way “taxi” rides you get treated to on your way out of town, if that’s what a group of ambitious mountain men have decided you deserve. it wasn’t when a group of long haired and otherwise alternative youths were hung upside down over a lethally cold and shallow river and told they weren’t liked in town. the scariest thing were the hoards of princess cruiseline guests. it was the pink pastel alaska sweatshirt asking how we arranged the lighting on the mt. mckinley mountain range. and it was the size of her paycheck, compared to mine.

    talkeetna, AK

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