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  1. I was also saddened to hear of his death. I never got into the Jesse Stone or Sunny Randall titles, but I was a loyal Spenser fan, and also liked his recent Westerns.

    Have you heard any details on a public memorial?

  2. I’ve read all the Spenser books from the very beginning and loved 99% of them. Parker wrote delicious dialogue and who will ever forget his unique characters: Hawk, Susan, Spenser and Pearl the Wonder Dog. Bon voyage, Mr. Parker. Now all your mysteries will be solved.

  3. Finally I have found a place where I can share my thoughts about this!! I am so Sad that he is gone!! I love what the Spenser series has given me and how it taught me about love and life and relationships and wit and humor and cooking, and he obviously loved dogs and I love dogs and I wish I would have had the chance to have known him. I’m very very sad that he is gone and walking into the library just won’t be the same any more. God bless his family. If any of them see this, I just want to express how sorry I am for your loss. He truly blessed my life. Linda, Morro Bay, CA

  4. @Linda A. Clewes
    I’m glad you found us, too. šŸ™‚

    I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve introduced to the Spenser books over the years – and for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. His characters are all about food and beer and love and relationships, responsibility and dogs and building houses and being a grown-up and all the other minutiae that make the tapestry of living.

  5. I spent a lifetime reading the Spenser Novels, and all the other Literature that Robert B Parker wrote. Spenser for hire was also a favorite show of mine, when tv shows had plots.

    I always wanted to meet the author. I was lucky enough to do this thru shear Serendipity. For a short time being his Limo Driver along with his wife and sons.

    During the RedSox World Series, i was sent to the house after picking up chinese food for Bob and Joan, as i approached the house i could see Bob in the window writing at his desk, my heart stopped for a brief moment, i was so thrilled to see this taking place , like Jesus performing a miracle right in front of my eyes. I walked up the steps and rang the bell he answered and i said this is for Spenser and Susan, He smiled and laughed and said thanks Billy,

    I will never forget this moment along with all the others when i drove him and his wife to and fro,

    One time i asked him how the writing was going and he said ” It was better than working ” classic parkeresque conversation.

    Goodbye Robert B Parker , thanks for all the great reading and memories.

    Billy Statkiewicz

  6. I’m addicted to his Jesse Stone Series. He was a splendid example of character driven dramatic fiction.

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