End of Year Housekeeping

We’re still working on the RSS feed for this page, and getting the comments to publish properly. In the meantime, here we are at the end of 2009, looking forward to the new year. Merry Christmas, Absolute Writers. Your presence is a blessing.

Writing and Menopause

By Laura Lee Carter Becoming a writer is made so much more interesting by menopause. Since I’m going through “the change”and changing everything else in my life (hair colors, houses, husbands, etc.), I decided to change careers too. Ask my new and unbelievably patient husband, Mike, who listens regularly to my sobbing fits in the … Read more

Dry Dock: When Real Life Takes Writers Ashore

By Sarojni Mehta-Lissak To set things straight, I am not a writer who suffers from writer’s block. Yes, the occasional lull passes through me and I feel stymied, but writer’s block is not my issue — real life is. Since becoming a writer, I have seen patterns emerge that interfere with my writing life; those life … Read more