If you’ve ever loved a book…

(Via Elizabeth Bear and Greg van Eekhout.)

7 thoughts on “If you’ve ever loved a book…”

  1. Hey that’s beautiful. Those avid book readers can really relate to the video.
    I was kinda sad when he was blown away by the strong wind and when all the words was blown away too. I felt how sad he was.

  2. This video is an incredible, lovely, and profound piece of art, that embraces without a single spoken word, the totality of the love of a good book, and the immortality it grants its author. My heart is overflowing after seeing it, and my heart is lurking in my throat, stammering over feelings… what an experience!

  3. What an amazing short film. It’s very creative, not just the basic idea, but also the animation of the books. I especially love the way Humpty Dumpty’s expressions are animated with the turning of his pages. And now it has a well-deserved Oscar! Congratulations. And thanks, AbsoluteWrite.com, for bringing this to our attention.

    – The folks at 48HrBooks

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