Calling All Screenwriters!

The AW forums have a large and active group of screenwriters and playwrights, it’s just not an area of writing I’ve ever personally ventured into, so I’ve been a bit hesitant about offering any commentary about writing for stage or screen.

I’d like to see AW doing more outreach and education with regard to screenwriting and the several excellent online communities of and for screenwriters, in 2011.
To that effect, I bring you this announcement from BlueCat:

“It is only when I am doing my work that I feel truly alive.”

-Federico Fellini


We are proud to announce a call for entries for the BlueCat Fellini Awards.

Join the BlueCat community in January for a unique opportunity to celebrate the birthday of filmmaker Federico Fellini with the BlueCat Fellini Awards.

To honor Fellini’s uniquely creative spirit, and to provide each screenwriter a new screenwriting competition experience, during this special one-time contest, BlueCat will offer TWO ANALYSES for each screenplay. Your submission will be read by two different readers, receive two sets of detailed analyses, along with two sets of numerical scores used to judge your screenplay.

Further honoring the visionary Fellini, we are accepting Short Screenplays (5-40 pages) and Feature Screenplays (70-130 pages).

The final deadline is Fellini’s birthday, January 20th, at midnight PST.

Five winners will be chosen, with each winner receiving a MacBook Pro plus Final Draft software, or the cash equivalent. Each winner will have the option to select cash for either, or both prizes.

Finalists will be announced on April 15th, and the five winners will be awarded on May 15th. All analyses will be returned by April 1st.

Entry fee is $60.

Join BlueCat in January to share your work and honor one of the most innovative and influential filmmakers of the 20th century.


BlueCat Screenplay Competition

PO Box 2635

Hollywood, CA 90078



Facebook Fan Page:

4 thoughts on “Calling All Screenwriters!”

  1. How’s everyone doing with query rejections? Are you thick skinned or does it still get to you?

    I’m new at this gig and would love some insight. I’m getting the response of, “Although you give a strong query, I’m not the right agent for you” or “Your story sounds compelling and I hope you find the right agent and much success, as it is not right for me”.

    I’m sure we share the same dream…just would love some feedback.

    Thanks, Sheri

  2. Will someone please tell me where this ‘large and active group of screenwriters’ is on AW? I’ve hunted several times. Don’t see it in the Categories. And when I check out the forums on Agents,
    if it’s discovered the agents mostly deals in scripts, everyone goes ‘oh’ and moves on to other subjects, as a rule..!

    And help you can give me getting me on the right page, or pages,
    would be deeply appreciated!


  3. This is an excellent website for aspiring screenwriters:

    This is their list of reputable screenwriting contests, fellowships and diversity programs:

    This is their post listing the deadlines for the 2012 TV writing contests and programs/fellowships:

    If you’re serious about either (a) getting paid to write film or tv or (b) making an expensive movie, you will have to relocate to Hollywood. Them’s the breaks. If you want to make a web series or a small-budget, more personal film, your options are a little more open. /annoying advice

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