Absolute Write is Back!


The forums are on!

This is essentially a public beta test.
There are some things to know first:

* This is new software. The mods and I are learning it right along with the rest of you.

* There will be glitches; I’ll fix them as soon as I can, but you’re going to have to be patient. I’m juggling a lot right now, and there’s only me.

* I am writing new FAQs about how to do things; the software is pretty good, but their documentation is somewhat lacking. I’m learning on the fly. Please be patient.

* Some avatars have gone missing. I’m sorry about that. Not something I can fix.

Because the forums are still very new (I changed to a new host yesterday) things may be a little shaky. I may turn the forums off again briefly to make adjustments, but I don’t expect to have to turn them off for long, if at all.

* So far, it’s been smooth sailing, and we can’t wait to “see” you all again.
AW Admin