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03-22-2006, 09:32 PM
I`m helping out with a feature for a British teen mag. this is what they`re looking for:

"I just wondered if you might be able to help with a feature we`re working
on. We`re looking for some gorgeous teenage boys for a line-up feature.
We want to talk to (and see pictures of!) any teen lads who have undergone a swanlike transformation over the past year or two. Whether it was a case of losing puppy fat, buffing up, sorting out their skin, straightening their
locks, having their wonky teeth fixed or just growing into their gorgeous
selves... we want to talk to lush lads who WEREN`T always so fit about how
theyıve changed and the ways itıs affected their lives in terms of girls and

The mag will need before and after pics, name, contact number, and the boy`s full name, age, location and contact number. If you can help me out on this, please email me or PM me and I`ll be able to let the editor know you`ll be emailing her, as well as passing on the ed`s email .

As this is a British mag they`re looking for British teens.

Thanks in advance for any help,