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FAQ: What Is Absolute Write and Who Owns it?

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What is Absolute Write?

We're a carefully-moderated, free, online community of writers, agents, editors, and publishers. We welcome writers of all levels of experience and ambition. Our Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check forum is a popular online location for writers to post recommendations, exchange information, post warnings, and ask questions about agents, publishers, and editorial services.

We do not offer any paid services, classes or workshops.

We may accept appropriate ads.

What's the History of Absolute Write?

AbsoluteWrite.com has been online since 1999. We've grown from a tiny screenwriting community to one of the largest writing communities on the Web.

Who Owns Absolute Write?

Absolute Write, Absolute Write Water Cooler are wholly owned by MacAllister Stone since November of 2006.

Coyote Wild Magazine is also wholly owned by MacAllister Stone.

How do I Reach MacAllister Stone?

The postal address is:

Absolute Write
8911 Vernon Road
PMB 165
Lake Stevens WA 98258

Feel free to PM MacAllister with questions, concerns, or just to say hi. You can also use the Contact Us form on the bottom of any Forum page, or see this page for email.

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