View Full Version : Anyone up for 65,000 sf novel about an armed librarian with mother issues?

Sarah W
09-11-2009, 08:00 PM
One marvelous person (Hi, Halcyon!:hi:) has already offered to go through my 65,000 science fiction novel(la), but I’m hoping that one or two other readers might also be willing to take it for a spin, if that's not being greedy?

It’s set in a skewed future where librarians are paid only slightly less than junior high school teachers, but have better weaponry, the Press Corps is wired for far more than sound, and laser-equipped Security Doors provide the illusion of safety. I posted my first chapter in Share Your Work (under "The First Chapter of my $#%$ Fourth Draft") if you’d like to take a look first (please note that I've since edited my MS to incorporate some of the suggestions I received on it, but this version should give you a general gist ).

Basically, I need to know if the plot holds together and what makes sense, considering the premise and the settings, and what . . . doesn’t. And also if there are any major goofs\glaring errors or plot holes or missing pieces, or just places where you’re wondering what prescription meds I might have been taking at the time (and whether you'd suggest refills or rehab).

Constructive criticism about my work doesn’t bother me as long as I understand the reasons behind it--I’m here to learn, not to feed the ego (:ROFL:). But if the final verdict is that it stinks on ice, I’d really appreciate gentler wording.

I will be glad to reciprocate in any genre.

Sarah W
09-13-2009, 01:51 AM
Thanks to everyone who sent me PMs about critiquing my MS and\or trading works!

I wasn't sure about the eitquette of deleting this thread (if I even have the power to do that), so I'm opting for leaving this note that I've found my Betas and I really appreciate everyone's time and consideration.

If there's something else I should do, please let me know!