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02-17-2009, 04:01 PM
This story is about survivng and escaping a child sex ring. For some reason, the people decided to keep the children involved in normal life (so as to have access to as many victims as possible). In doing so, they created a drug. Basically, it is across between a sleeping pill and a date rape drug that leaves the victims zombified. They appear happy to do whatever they are told, and have no memory of the event after they wake up. Should it have a name?

The expert witness verified ten illegal drugs and one unknown substance in each of these bowls, none of which had contained food leavings.

What kinds of drugs could they create or mix on a regular basis (they also abuse perscription drugs)?

"Yes sir. He tested positive for three illegal drugs, and an unknown substance." (What three illegal drugs could be in a person's system without killing them?)

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My WIP uses drugs to keep women in a semi-conscious state and have no memory of the time they are in captivity (about a week). I'm having difficulty finding a single drug that will do this. My solution is a cocktail of several drugs.