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10-02-2008, 06:34 PM
I'm sending out queries for my first manuscript, a science fiction based on the concept of realistic superheroes (along the lines of the Heroes TV series and X-men movies but even more realistic than those). TMNT inspires me :x

I've got the framework for several other projects and right now am most seriously pursuing a dark fantasy about the power of the dreams of innocents and murderers in a global subconscious (man that makes it sound boring.... better = two girls follow a glowy skeleton dog through a surreal dream whose events are directly tied to the real world. There are velocirator postmen and flying squids and lonely soul-suckers. or something. I'm still working on it T_T )

I've come across absolute write several times over the past few years (usually when I'm in need of query help ;) ). I've made soooooooooooo made mistakes with my first book that now I want to get more involved with the writing community. I don't want to find myself at almost 200,000 words again only to find out that no one wants 200K word books :P (I'm down to 125K after some serious editing that needed to happen anyway)

I'm severely self-critical and could really benefit from a supportive community so I don't give up and drown myself in MMOs or something T_T And I just don't know a lot of writers or even many people who are passionate about something creative.

Of course, constructive criticism from another point of view is good too and who better to get that from than a group with such an impressive amount of successful writers?

So hello, hello.... and yeah, I'm always this long-winded D: (or worse)

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Welcome and lurk no more. We are here to help, advise and amuse.


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Welcome, Zellie :hi:

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Come aboard, we're expecting you.

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Hello to you, Zellie, and welcome to AW!


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Welcome to AW. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.

How do you like your popcorn?

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:welcome: Welcome to the Cooler and good luck with your querying!

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Hello Zellie, nice to have you with us. :Sun:

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Welcome and enjoy.

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Greetings and :welcome:

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Thanks for the warm welcome (:

Hea-what's your icon from, it's very cool.

mmmm, popcorn! I just got addicted to popsecret's 'homestyle hint of butter dash of salt' or whatever it is.... mmmm.... my boyfriend and I went on seperate trips to the store and each got a box of it, now we've got 20 packages @_@ and it will go all too fast...

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Welcome, Zellie. You've found a great site. Glad you could join us.

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You're writing about "realistic" superheroes inspired by TMNT???

Sounds interesting...

Welcome, Zellie! Glad you're here.

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:welcome: Welcome to the Cooler and good luck with your novel.

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Welcome! Good luck with your writing!

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Welcome to AW. :)

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Welcome to AW :)

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Welcome and enjoy AW.

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Hello Zellie and welcome :)

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and the greeting-spree continues!


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