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Hi everyone, I'm En-En-chan, as you can probably see already. Despite my penname, I am not Japanese, though I love Japan. I love nearly everything about Japan; and I think people judge Japan unfairly, just because of their part in WWII, which is completely biased!
No, actually I'm from Taiwan, living in England, nearly my whole life actually!
I found this site from going on Google, and trying to find beta readers for my work. I'd actually appreciate it if people would want to beta my story, though that isn't absolutely necessary.
And a word of warning, I tend to go either really hyper, or ramble-y (if that's even a word), or both.

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Welcome to the Cooler.

Penguin Queen
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Welcome from not very far away - Cardiff! *waves*

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Ahoy there, En En, and welcome aboard....

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Welcome from not very far away - Cardiff! *waves*
*waves back* I've been to Cardiff before!! ^-^

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Greetings and :welcome: Try the beta reader threads I'm sure someone will read your work

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I think people judge Japan unfairly, just because of their part in WWII, which is completely biased!
And their treatment of the Chinese when they invaded that country. It was worse than WWII

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:welcome: to AW

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hi and welcome

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[quote I think people judge Japan unfairly, just because of their part in WWII, which is completely biased![/quote]

Did you ever hear of the Bataan Death March? It's all past history and nothing to do with this generation, but biased??

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Hello to you, and welcome to the forum!


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Round John Virgin
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Hey, En-En-chan! Welcome to AW! I respect and admire your good feelings for the Japanese. I bear them no ill will anymore, and Germany is now one of my favorite countries to visit--even though I had close relatives who survived both the European and Pacific Theatres in WWII. It's up to you youngsters to look at former enemies through completely fresh eyes--and to understand that there are still a few old-timers who can't forget what they went through.

Enjoy the boards. There's a lot to learn here!

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welcome to the forum

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Welcome :) Check out the SYW and the Beta Reader forums. Enjoy!

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I'm not actually new to writing, so I kinda know what to expect from beta readers and everything. In fact, I've been putting up stories for about a year now, on fanfiction.net, and would gladly help anyone who wants my help! ^-^
And thanks for your lovely welcomes!

Mr Flibble
09-05-2008, 11:49 PM
Hi En, I'm pretty close to you too - near Gatwick *jumps and down and waves*

What genre do you write?

Plus I can't say I was aware of any bias against the Japanese ( in fact one of my son's best friends is Japanese) , although I dare say it might different if I was Japanese.

09-05-2008, 11:56 PM
I usually write what most people would call 'High School Romance' stories, though I do try and vary a bit, but not to much success. And it's not in high school, since I set my stories in Britain, London and around it mostly.
Some people are a bit biased towards Japan, or at least don't like it very much because of its history; it's a bit like towards Germany as well, since they kinda started WWII, but I still like Germany as well. Hm... Overall, I think I like countries were against The Allies (or whatever England was part of in WWII), for example, Germany, Japan and Russia, which is really strange, 'cos I live in Britain and everything. But it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm not actually British, and that London has turned really multicultural over the past 100 years or something...

Mr Flibble
09-06-2008, 12:01 AM
Um Russia were on the Brit's side.....

I love Germany too. Some really fantastic places to visit, and the Germans are very welcoming. I would love to go to Russia.

And of course, some people are biased against any one thing you care to mention. Like crumpets. Personally I'm biased against slugs *shudders*

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Oh whoops... I suck at History... But it's actually quite fun sometimes.

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Welcome to AW. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.

How do you like your popcorn?

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Hello and welcome to AW!