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  1. Writers talk about editors
  2. Would you accept an offer from an independent publisher?
  3. how to find full-time editorial positions??
  4. How should I play my cards right?
  5. Becoming a Freelance Editor
  6. Publishers interested, but request revisions. Not sure how to proceed.
  7. Editor then Agent, or Agent then Editor?
  8. Blog, books and rights?
  9. Editing theses - worth it or not?
  10. Character summary?
  11. Confused by submission guidelines
  12. Rejection etiquette
  13. Editor says...'we should talk'
  14. Picture book rejection
  15. How long should I wait?
  16. Submitting to Independent Publishers
  17. Outline?
  18. Professional Editors
  19. Editing from a former editor's perspective
  20. What to do?
  21. The Quiet Period
  22. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to . . .
  23. Don't be one of these writers (inappropriate pitches)
  24. Editor Response (Or Lack Thereof)
  25. Waiting for publisher response
  26. The Lost Art of Book Editing [Article]
  27. No name?
  28. My Least Favorite Genre: Covers & Queries
  29. So, how does one become an editor?
  30. What is the avg waiting time with Big Publishers?
  31. Should I resend?
  32. Looking for a technical editor.
  33. What to do?
  34. Pubs,imprints Question
  35. awww...
  36. Developmental editor recommendations
  37. Industry Standard Discounts
  38. Publisher time question...
  39. In praise of professional editors
  40. I've been asked to edit a novel. Advice needed. (Quickly, if possible.)
  41. 8 Fiddly Things
  42. Why we do it *thoughts from an editor
  43. How to avoid instant manuscript rejection
  44. 6 months to earn back cost or it's a failure?
  45. Researching publishers
  46. Proofreaders' marks
  47. Question About Hard-back Publication Design
  48. Question For Magazine Editor
  49. New Writer Seeking a Recommendation
  50. Increased time to market?
  51. One Simple Question re: SASEs
  52. Estimated Cost for Freelance Editting Service?
  53. What do you guys think? Good or bad?
  54. Request for Resubmission?
  55. how long to hear after reading period closes?
  56. Confuzzled by contract terminolololology
  57. Nudging, should my agent or I?
  58. payment q
  59. Bumped to a later release
  60. should i email again?
  61. No Formatting
  62. Simultaneous Submissions
  63. Proper Formats Only?
  64. Yet another follow up thread.
  65. Publishers Wanted!
  66. Is it just me, or are things really slower than ever before
  67. Wanted: Copy editor
  68. Another "my rights after publishing" question
  69. Kickstarter.com
  70. Can a writer have a say over the cover art of her book?
  71. worried about my manuscript
  72. Re Big NY houses and editing
  73. Contract overdue? How long before I should expect it?
  74. Ebook & POD small publisher discussion
  75. Publisher Invitation: Use a professional editor first or not?
  76. A professional line editor
  77. Changing Publishers Question
  78. Becoming a Freelance Editor
  79. Some Basic Questions
  80. A Very Mysterious Proofreader's Mark
  81. Right of first refusal
  82. Ask for suggestion
  83. Do editors read EVERYTHING?
  84. Do editors give reasons?
  85. Do editors always respond?
  86. simple question: send a thank you?
  87. hiring children's book editor
  88. personal rejection from magazine editor
  89. Question about rights for a revised story
  90. Include Afterword In Manuscript?
  91. Word count
  92. Young Adult Books not popular with e-publishers
  93. The three stars
  94. To do or not to do
  95. About to send in Cover Letter to publisher - Quick Question
  96. Professional Editors in the Milwaukee Area...?
  97. How do I find/hire an editor for a nonfiction legal story?
  98. if an editor suggest poem revision is that acceptance?
  99. Editors at Writers Conferences
  100. Unspecified Synopsis Length?
  101. Months to a year for editor's response?
  102. Question about withdrawal on acceptance by another journal
  103. What is the appropriate approach for this problem?
  104. How are publishers feeling about shorter novels?
  105. How long should I wait before following up with a publisher?
  106. Question about contracts
  107. Editorial Assistant Email
  108. Editing and Publisher's Guidelines
  109. So what are the chances?
  110. So I won a critique...
  111. Usage of Trade Marks Question.
  112. relationship between editors and agents
  113. How do I find a reputable, and affordable editor?
  114. Different Levels of Editing ?
  115. Contracts and Pseudonyms
  116. Books going directly to publisher without agent
  117. What are the qualifications for a part-time line editor job?
  118. cost?
  119. Q&A with editor at Black Lantern Publishing
  120. How can I find good editor
  121. finding an editor
  122. Out on Submission or Worse than I thought
  123. Ballpark Estimate for Editing
  124. Partial nudge
  125. Asking for rights to a book back?
  126. Foreign rights question
  127. Translation Please
  128. 2 Questions
  129. Subbing Without an Agent
  130. General freelance editing question on networking.
  131. Starting in editing
  132. life after KDP ;-)
  133. Photos of publicly displayed art: copyright?
  134. How long from accepted manuscript to publication?
  135. Contract termination
  136. Let us say - (Question about time)
  137. Professionally edited before submission?
  138. Looking for an Editor
  139. List of editors and the books they've edited anywhere?
  140. Advice on Editing options.
  141. I'm I being totally unreasonable??
  142. Committing a Cardinal Sin?
  143. Italicizing punctuation
  144. General question
  145. Help! Trademark and Brand name Infringements and Lawsuits. Oh My!
  146. Time frame to submit a sequel
  147. How does a book translator get paid?
  148. Info, please?
  149. Should I Try Freelance Editing?
  150. timeframe to respond to a publisher
  151. How Would You Classify/Pitch a Series With No Definite End?
  152. Two Books/Two Publishers
  153. What constitutes an "Unpublished work."
  154. Series for a first-timer?
  155. Editing advice in query reply
  156. reversion of rights letter
  157. Which editor should I approach: foreign rights or fiction?
  158. Should I extend a self published novella or write a sequel?
  159. Nudge etiquette?
  160. What does it cost to produce a novel?
  161. Editor search; checking references
  162. Copy Editing Agreement between a Copy Editor and an author
  163. How are exclusives from agents treated?
  164. How Much Do Publishers Edit?
  165. If you could sit down with an editor...
  166. A Writer's Online Presence
  167. Finding a good copy editor
  168. Submitting in summer
  169. Copyrights and Trademarks
  170. Subbing More than One MS?
  171. How encouraging is a "revise and resubmit" request?
  172. Editor/agent ettiquette
  173. Top Ten Questions to ask An Editor (new Q's post 3)
  174. Proofreading and Editing Fees
  175. Mentioning if I submitted the same story at a magazine before?
  176. So you finished your book? 10 editing steps you have to take
  177. About Chapters
  178. R+R Etiquette
  179. Looking for a Freelance Editor--developmental edit
  180. The stages inbetween submission and offer?
  181. permission to quote
  182. Editor Etiquette
  183. CYA editing contracts
  184. Querying editors
  185. Trade publishing vs Mass Market books
  186. Acquisitions editor "reviewing" novel, never gets back to me
  187. Magazine Bios
  188. Positive rejection, can/should I resubmit?
  189. Help finding metaphysical fantasy genre editor with strong publish record
  190. How to say no?
  191. What's the overall consensus on anthologies?
  192. Full manuscript and agent submissions
  193. Question about a Submission
  194. How long is it supposed to take for an offer?
  195. Submitting Directly to the Editor
  197. Looking for a copy-editor
  198. How to respond to non-response
  199. Submitting over Xmas
  200. What's my next move?
  201. Some questions for substantive editors
  202. "previously published"
  203. How much does a quality editor cost?
  204. When a Publisher Asks you to Resubmit
  205. up to $400 to sentence structure check my 50,000 word novel(ette)
  206. Hiring an editor for short works?
  207. edits back and forth and $
  208. From foreign language to US market? Needs advice.
  209. When a market doesn't list time to respond?
  210. Why is proofreading so expensive?
  211. Editor's Thought Process?
  212. Ever seen pages like these?
  213. Cover letter and what you look for in an intern
  214. [Editor/Mentor] Need recommendations for first-time author
  215. It has been slightly over a month now...
  216. Getting into the publishing industry
  217. How do I proceed around trademark issues?
  218. Copyright question about referring to other authors' characters
  219. seeking an editor on school grounds?
  220. Average time a book is at a mag. for review?
  221. Formatting messed up by editor
  222. How long?
  223. Can you offer something that is already self published?
  224. Requesting subscription in lieu of payment?
  225. Knowing When You're Ready for Publication
  226. Requerying a Publisher after getting an Agent?
  227. Editor Recommendation
  228. Dealing direct with publishers
  229. Beginning Editor
  230. curly question
  231. A few copyright questions
  232. Regarding time and courtesy
  233. Headline: First Credit as a Writer Marred by Editor
  234. Online editing course
  235. Release form?
  236. Beginner proofreader
  237. Does editing include copyright verification?
  238. Editor vs Writer Career Path
  239. Hourly rate?
  240. Looking for clarification and direction
  241. What's your editing style?
  242. Looking for a good recomendation
  243. Line Editing Podcasts?
  244. What's the Hold Up?
  245. Not sending in a requested MS?
  246. Author-Agent Go-Between?
  247. Advice Needed: Facebook Etiquette with Editors
  248. When To Nudge
  249. ambivalence about publishing
  250. How much editing is too much?