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  1. Chasing down clients who are late paying
  2. December 2010 JHS
  3. brainstorming ideas for spa magazine
  4. Interviewing Family Members
  5. Jumping in, again
  6. where can I post magazine queries?
  7. How do you get ideas for "cutting edge" articles?
  8. Your responsibilities as editor-in-chief for small(ish) quarterly
  9. Did you start small ($) and work your way up?
  10. A Big Ole Bowl of Confusion
  11. January 2011 Just Hit Send?
  12. Elance?
  13. Hopefully appropriate...
  14. How to do this? Clips?
  15. Who to contact?
  16. Seeking some advice
  17. Just Hit Send for February 2011
  18. freelance writer blogs--tool/media to generate revenue?
  19. What do you think this title means?
  20. Do you reuse content and ideas in different publications?
  21. Where to publish a great personal essay?
  22. Shrinking word counts...
  23. What keeps you from submitting to a magazine?
  24. Not happy with publisher
  25. What would you do?
  26. Mothering Magazine
  27. Getting an e-mail address to query to?
  28. Query email subject?
  29. Has anyone written for AllVoices.com?
  30. Question about Work for Hire Agreement
  31. Freelance Book(s) Offer
  32. 1099 forms for self-employed
  33. How can I form article ideas for Natural History?
  34. Just Hit Send for March 2011
  35. Multiple queries
  36. Fiction vs. non-fiction
  37. Business cards?
  38. Need advice for a good market
  39. new editor/internet publication misadventures
  40. Freelance Questions Welcome
  41. Querying magazines via email--a format question
  42. Anyone Sold a Personal Essay to Redbook?
  43. Advice please...
  44. W-9 question
  45. Online workshops
  46. How to work freelance if you're not an US citizen?
  47. Interview-format article question
  48. Getting Jobs and Social Networking
  49. Writing for Websites--negotiating terms question
  50. Just hit send for April 2011
  51. 50 Great Blogs About Freelancing
  52. Book Query Letters that Rock: what if you don't have a lot of creds?
  53. Anyone jump into freelance writing from a completely unrelated field?
  54. Copywriting /PR crash course?
  55. Consumer's Digest
  56. question about editing quotes from a source
  57. Losing my reprint sale rights??
  58. quick question...
  59. Ghostwriting someone's story--what to charge?
  60. Whole Living Guidelines?
  61. Whose story is it?
  62. Just Hit Send for May 2011
  63. Small-mag editors get job done
  64. Question about Pitch for Magazine Column
  65. Craigslist?
  66. What does a writer's resume look like?
  67. Interact Media
  68. The Examined Life: A Literary Journal of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  69. Is it okay for an editor to ask...
  70. Writing about nutrition and exercise
  71. AvantGuild membership -- benefit or money drain?
  72. Poorly written copy for a leisure centre we use
  73. What do you think the scope for freelance travel writing is?
  74. Asking for editoral calendar?
  75. Copywriting
  76. Is There a Just Hit Send for June?
  77. Glossy Magazine Response Times?
  78. How much would you charge
  79. Clashing over a story
  80. Where Can This Go: The Atomic Subterrene
  81. Freelance Book Reviewers?
  82. Newbie question
  83. e-zine articles
  84. An Interesting Problem to Have...
  85. Freelance URL Choice?
  86. Advice on Cengage Gale's Short Story Criticism
  87. Looking to Interview Freelance writers for school article
  88. publisher won't pay?
  89. Freelance Site
  90. Demand Studios and Clips
  91. To Take or Not to Take: Freelance Fiction Editing Gig
  92. Submission questions
  93. Long vs Short Articles and a Few Basic Questions
  94. People Per Hour and Cheap Labour
  95. Payment for Article Published in a Textbook?
  96. submitting photos and More guidelines
  97. Help - Anyone with experience getting accepted by Wisegeek.com
  98. Do you have a hard time saying no?
  99. E-Querying Glossy Publications?
  100. Freelance Writing Without a Degree
  101. Really WEIRD Freelance Work Offers
  102. Those that have answered, please review my follow-up. There is a deep misunderstanding.
  103. Who might publish an article about young adult literature?
  104. Freelance for Photographer / Writer
  105. Magazine/ Online for Teen Parent Years Later
  106. Proofreading Course. Opinions?
  107. How Do I Get Started?
  108. Magazine Articles
  109. Online journalism course
  110. Emma Hitt's Medical Writing Course
  111. Research Writers Wanted
  112. Idea of income from freelancing?
  113. Money or Name Branding?
  114. Can Freelancers Help With This?
  115. History themed ezines?
  116. Writing for a magazine that doesn't pay
  117. Old magazine articles of mine are being sold on the internet without my permission
  118. Why the lies?
  119. French Magazines
  120. Rantings of a magazine copy editor
  121. Editing articles for real estate magazine
  122. Freelancing as a means to an end?
  123. Help! Possible scam?
  124. Press Release
  125. What would be the best publication for this type of query?
  126. Chickensoup for the soul - copyright question
  127. Proofreading/editing essays and theses...
  128. Getting started with Freelancing?
  129. Starting a Magazine?
  130. How to stop editors stealing your ideas
  131. Just Hit Send: January
  132. Querying with published clips
  133. Anyone know if Newsweek is still taking My Turn submissions?
  134. Writing an article on unsustainable fisheries
  135. Newbie needs advice
  136. How do you query a Magazine?
  137. Finding Balance
  138. Narrowboats
  139. is there any truth freelance writing
  140. Protocols/etiquette for following up w/ editors
  141. Duotrope for NF?
  142. Interview with killer
  143. Question on a Ghostwriting Contract
  144. Published clips??
  145. Funny (and a little sad) response received from query
  146. Hello; Anyone know of paid political reporting positions?
  147. My First Query Letter - Help!
  148. Who writes the tv show and movie descriptions on Hulu and Netflix?
  149. Kill Fee?
  150. To attach or not attach
  151. Send complete ms ????
  152. Book excerpts ????
  153. Responsive Big Name Authors?
  154. Overlapping stories for 2 publications
  155. Doubts/questions about payment
  156. The Etiquette of Wait Times
  157. Send or not send clips??
  158. Case Studies in Communication
  159. Paythewriter.org
  160. Fast Paying Writing Gigs - Where to find them?
  161. Freelancing without a degree in journalism: Do you have to start at unpaid?
  162. Strategy
  163. Science writing markets for a newbie?
  164. What do you do when you've done several interviews and an editor rejects the piece?
  165. Ghost Writing?
  166. Freelance Chance ;)
  167. Wondering about ads for data entry and rewriting pages...
  168. Is it okay to contact this editor, or am I being a big baby?
  169. Really comprehensive database of markets?
  170. Using a term paper
  171. Asked about rates...
  172. When hiring freelance writer for my online magazine
  173. writing for only links in article
  174. Copy Press?
  175. New Freelancer
  176. Cracked.com - How do I submit an article to them?
  177. Freelancer delay
  178. Advertising within an Article
  179. Anyone know if Smithsonian is still accepting submissions for the Last Page humor column?
  180. How do you Break into this profession?
  181. Advice wanted: ghostwriting a celebrity autobiography
  182. 30 Submissions or Queries in 30 Days
  183. Rights to my own work
  184. Essay Contests
  185. A Few Questions About Interviews
  186. Awards for non fiction
  187. Salon, Slate, The Rumpus?
  188. Pitching to foreign magazines
  189. Does reader's digest take previously pubished stories?
  190. What to name website?
  191. Writer guidelines for Budget Travel?
  192. Cover letter for magazine manuscript???
  193. Ghost writing / co-writing
  194. Craziest Freelance Job You've Been Offered/Taken?
  195. Duotrope web site???
  196. Always looking for new leads?
  197. Questions b4 sending my 1st query...
  198. Pitching my first magazine article (black women in sports)
  199. Submit to Huffington Post?
  200. CNN Belief Blog?
  201. Writer's Market vs. Duotrope
  202. Looking for markets for prospective articles
  203. oDesk worthwhile?
  204. Looking for essay proofreaders and editors.
  205. Am I being impatient?
  206. Welcome Your New Overlord!
  207. Byline
  208. Need advice
  209. Paying for 'classes'?
  210. Query before or after writing?
  211. They want my article but . . . . .
  212. To Staple or not to Stable
  213. Freelancers and ghostwriting
  214. Typos
  215. When is a custom sample okay?
  216. Tips For Getting Started- Freelance Writing
  217. Ghostwriting
  219. Working as Ghostwriter
  220. No payment yet; do I keep writing for them?
  221. Return SASE ???
  222. Effective Approaches To Pitching Magazine Editors Ideas... ?
  223. quick question
  224. Would you write about something illegal?
  225. How did you become a freelance writer?
  226. Advice requested for soldier author
  227. Freelance writing for magazines
  228. pitching stories this time of year
  229. What is the best field for freelance writers to write in?
  230. Threads Magazine
  231. Acceptance with a catch...
  232. Changing an Article for Re-Publication
  233. Sports Magazines or Publications
  234. Using Writerfind.com?
  235. Including Editor Reviews in a Portfolio or Cover Letter.
  236. pitching a personality profile
  237. Writing in specific topics
  238. Usefulness of an internship?
  239. Experienced Writer Starting From Scratch
  240. Querying with Photo Credits?
  241. Work for hire question
  242. Soulless Corporate Cog
  243. Insight on international sporting market?
  244. Metrics
  245. Your Writer Site vs. Your Blog Site
  246. how to ensure quality articles all the time
  247. Ancient History Articles - how to proceed?
  248. Funny/sad story
  249. Free E-book: 21 Query Letters That Sold
  250. I don't know where to begin, but I'm determined to begin.