International Correspondence Month — InCoWriMo

International Correspondence Month (InCoWriMo) takes place in February. Basically, the idea is to hand-write and mail or deliver in person one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February. Hand-written doesn’t have to mean cursive, by the way; those of us who print are welcome to participate just as much as … Read more

Ursula K. Le Guin, Finding My Elegy

I have to confess, I’ve stalled writing this review because I don’t want to think about reading any elegies for Ursula Le Guin. Ive been reading and treasuring her books and essays and poems since I was child growing up in the 70s in a single-wide trailer on the wind-scoured American Great Plains. Le Guin … Read more

January 23 National Handwriting Day

Tuesday January 23 is National Handwriting Day (and, not coincidentally, John Hancock’s birthday). This day of celebration and outreach and engagement with handwriting was founded in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. Their motive was, understandably, to promote the use of pens, pencils and paper for writing, and hence their bottom line, but there’s … Read more

Post Server Migration: Do this For AW Forum Access

Everyone Should Do These Two Things Thing One: Clearing Cookies and Cache Make sure you know your Password and Username. Log off Clear Cookies and Cache Completely Quit your Web browser, closing all windows. Log back on to AW. Click the little box that says “Remember me?” on the top right of the AW window … Read more

Update the Second

Server Migration Update There are some glitches; we’re still fastening buttons on the tiny little hamster jackets. We hope to be up soon  but we aren’t sure yet and will keep everyone posted. We really appreciate your patience, and our volunteer Unix guy, Scott Hawkins. Contact Points *AW IRC Chat* AW’s amazing chat mods and … Read more

We’re Moving the Server Tonight

Monday Night the 8th of January AW Will Be Turned OFF at 10PM Seattle WA, US Time. We plan to turn AW back ON on Sunday January 14th, before Noon Seattle Time. Please Don’t Keep Checking to See If We’re Back We love you guys too, but every time you refresh you’re slowing things down. … Read more

Happy Fountain Pen Day

Inspired by National Fountain Pen day, we’ve created a new forum at the Absolute Write Water Cooler. Analog Tools is about those non-digital, non-computer tools we writers love to use, including fountain pen, other pens, pencils, paper, and typewriters.  Today is the sixth annual Fountain Pen Day, celebrated every year on the first Friday of … Read more

Interview: Elizabeth Bonesteel

Elizabeth Bonesteel is the author of Breach of Containment, just out from HarperCollins. Breach of Containment is the third book in her Central Corps SF trilogy (The Cold Between, Remnants of Trust, and Breach of Containment). Did you have a playlist for Breach of Containment? (I usually ask writers this question, but you are the … Read more

My Rights Reversion Odyssey, or, How I Jumped through More Hoops than a Circus Poodle

By Alice Loweecey In a perfect world, self-publishing would come with a bottle of wine per book. I picture a shining, fluffy cloud appearing above my desk. With an ethereal sound of angelic voices it would open and a chilled bottle of Chenin blanc would come to rest next to my keyboard. Still waiting for … Read more