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Thread: Meet the Finalists

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    pounding away at the piano.. DJP's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Saskatchewan, Canada
    Wow, judges and Jenna, thank you so much for this opportunity. Choosing from all those wonderful entries couldn't have been easy. Let's see... a little bit about me:
    Your real name/pen name
    Darla Paskell
    What you generally write
    Children's fiction and nonfiction, young adult short stories
    Publication history
    I will have my first piece published in Listen Magazine this November, and I've done a little writing for (great people there, too).
    What you're working on now
    I was working on something for my local writing group, but now I think I'd better concentrate on something else.
    Your favorite writers
    I read a huge variety of stuff. Dr. Seuss, Robert Munsch, JK Rowling, Diana Gabaldon, Jean M. Aul, Dean Koontz, Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele, and more and more. (Sorry for any bad spelling; I'm terrible with names and it's late )
    Why you write
    I love it, plain and simple.
    Your best piece of advice for fellow writers
    Listen to the advice of pros, but write what's in your heart.
    Career goals
    To go into a big chain bookstore and pull one of my children's books off the shelf.
    And any personal info you'd like to include (where you're from, how old you are, family, hobbies, day job, pets, etc.).
    I'm from a town of 2500 people in central Saskatchewan, and the closest town to us is over 60 miles away. I'm a 27 year old stay at home mom, our girls are 2 and 4. My loving husband and I have been married for 6 years. I love all kinds of crafty things, like scrapbooking, knitting, cross-stitching and more. I'm working towards becoming a piano teacher, but feel extremely blessed to be home with my kids for now. Oh yea, and we have a cat named Spinner.
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