Hi Tsiamon,

I apologize for not seeing this sooner and responding to your post! We like to work with our authors long-term instead of a one-shot book deal but are always happy to work with the author and what their needs are. For your other questions, Red Sofa works as a team to share our experience in the market, with editors, and ideas on promotion. Each agent has her or his author list but we work together to make the book as strong as possible before it goes out to editors in terms of which editors to pitch, where tweaks can be made if needed, and how to signal boost the author once their book has been released. Dawn Frederick is very involved as the agency owner and works hand-in-hand with the associate agents to not only help them prepare books before they go out but also to build their careers as agents as well.

It's common for agents to switch agencies just as people often switch jobs to find the right fit. It's rarely reflective of the agency but more of personal preference and how the agent wishes to move her career. We always wish them well!