Hello Momento Mori,
Your first question: yes they’re in stores all over the United States and over seas.
I never asked them for a list of every store my book is in because that is information that is not relevant to the bottom line. That is how many books get sold. When I travel for my speaking engagements I also have book signing events in those towns also.

The law is basically the same here. But we demand absolute proof, not just alleged comments or non- binding non- legal opinions. For example: in our courts stating that a publishing firm is a vanity or subsidy, one has to explain away other forms such as “partnership publishing“ and why it is not valid. Just because you have a bill and webbed feet doesn’t make you a duck. What about the platypuses.

My wife told me about Tate. Who is going to argue with that? Not me. LOL
I had an agent Janet Kay & Assoc. but she disappeared and as most of you know got in to trouble. Lifeway Christian Resources (stores) turned me down after the asked for my manuscript (they have their own publishing house) but one month after my book was published they order 1,200 copies and offered me a new contract. I declined.

As to publishers that can ensure that your book is going to be in ALL the stores. No way. Just an example: K Rowling, is not in all the stores. Just about all of them, but never the less not all.

When my firm published advertisements of any type to market or inform our clients / public of something, the costs were huge. Much more then $4,000.00. Try publishing a book and see what the cost is.

Tate publishing does give advances but those authors have star appeal, they have name recognition. For example: Shane Hamman, two time Olympian and currently the strongest man in the world. He rec’d a $20,000 advance. He has a lot more to offer success then my book.

Yes I make royalties. The break down was this: 15% if sold in a store, 40% if purchase from Tate’s web store and 60% if purchase from my web-site.
As to amount I make. That’s between me, the wife and the IRS. The sign on the back of my new 40’ diesel pusher motor home will say “pd4by books”. The fact is that even my royalties can’t pay for my life style, a wife, two homes, two sons in collage and two Bassett hounds. Not yet. Soon maybe. LOL

The first book is $16.95, the 2nd is $12.99. As for incentives for the publisher, there isn’t much because there‘re over 10 to 20,000 titles every month to pick from and then we come along with our first book. There’re lots of great books that don’t get to first base.

In this day and age of selling books one has to not over stock. The book store get to send your book back for credit and this credit is charged back to an author. So 500 books is more the norm if you are a small publishing company. Supply and demand.

The bottom line is this you’re not forced to pay for anything to anyone.
Even if you signed a contract.
It’s not against the law to charge fees.
But it’s against the law to state that certain practices are a scam with out providing proof. The laws are changing and one has to start being very careful in stating one opinion as if it were law. As for the court’s opinion on deciding a case involving a differents of opinions, the courts tend to look at over kill as unnecessary. So I question the professionalism of anyone who tends to overstate their opinion to the point of obsession.
One cannot enter in to a contract with Tate without reading the fine print. If an author signs it and then complaints about it there is no relief for stupidity.

I believe that both Ann & Victoria were asked if they’d like to visit the Tate Publishing Corporate offices and they never responded. As to them asking about company sales figures, that will never happen with any publisher unless there’s a court order. Those kind of remarks are just red herrings.

What my book(s) do in sales has NOTHING to do with other authors books and their success or failures. Your book must stand on its own no matter who publishes it.

As to extra cash buy and sell your own books, red herring remark, someone has to pay the band. There is no free lunches there ‘re no free books. If you want to sell them yourself you have to pay for them.

I‘ve talked to Victoria, she wanted to talk to me about my experience with Tate, she insisted on the questions and answers to be by e-mail not by phone. I responded to her request. But I also asked her for the proof that she allegedly had on Tate and other companies that I was looking at. She never responded. I guess my experience wasn’t what she was looking for.

What she does is great for authors, but sometimes Victoria steps over the line with her opinions and her non- responsiveness to requests from those who have a different opinion.

As for Ann, ok three stores out of how many others? What’s your point here? There’re thousands of stores. Not all of them carry Tate titles. But many do and this is a fact that can be proven. How many stores carry your book(s)? There are 12 near me and there is no Ann in them. That doesn’t mean that I can’t get them does it?

Leon Mentzer