Freedom of Speech, it is great to see that it is alive and well. It is also incredible that in today's world an average joe can be a published author. Please let me tell my story concerning Tate Publishing. Five years ago, I called Ryan Tate about my desires of becoming a motivational speaker. He encouraged me to write a book about my life and beliefs. The Enemy led me to believe that no one would ever read a book written by a “nobody” like me. But the Tate family believed in me and the effects my book could have on people. The company came up with a fantastic cover for my book, “Wisdom from the Corner”. They came up with structure and game plan to make my book successful. Whenever I need suggestions or encouragement, I can count on a call from Dr. Tate. Their Christian faith is evident by the way the whole company treats me. I didn’t write the book with the main goal of making money. My goal was to honor God and to be given an opportunity to share my story of how He changed my life. Whenever I feel down, God knows it and will send an email from a reader, telling me how my book touched their life. That is something no royalty check could ever equal. If God wanted you to make a lot of money from your book, He has the power to do so. Please don’t blame Tate Publishing. Their help and encouragement changed the desires of my heart.