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Thread: The New Lori Jareo

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    The New Lori Jareo

    Some of you may remember Lori Jareo, the "intrepid journalist" who decided there needed to be a bridge to explain the differences between the "real" first three Star Wars movies and the later-day trilogy that invalidated great swaths of it.

    Yes, she published her fan-fic "Star Wars: Another Hope" through Lulu and sold it on Amazon.

    At least until a certain Imperial Emperor George the First unleashed his elite team of Sith Lawyers on her.

    It was not pretty.

    Enter the new padawan or to be more accurate, the newest red shirt - Austin P. Torney

    Star Trek: The Death Wave

    Oh, and it even has the "search inside" function available.

    Read it if you dare, but don't blame me for the nightmares you'll have afterwards. Several Trek editors have already attempted to read through this . . . none has survived past page eight.

    Oh, and the publisher? It's CreateSpace. Yep, Amazon's own self-publishing arm.

    I can hear the lawyers at CBS/Paramount and Pocket Books charging phasers to maximum on this one.
    Last edited by Richard White; 04-08-2008 at 04:49 AM. Reason: Forgot Amazon's own credibility gap here.

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