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Thread: Lee Shore Literary Agency / SterlingHouse Publishers / CYNTOMedia Corp.

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    James D Macdonald

    Lee Shore/Cynthia Sterling

    Hey, Dave!

    Do you think Cynthia is talking about you? Or maybe it's Ann and Victoria?

    I recently read some unflattering comments about certain agencies on the Internet.

    What is your response to Internet rumor mills?

    The Lee Shore Company is very aware of the derogatory, commercially disparaging and libelous remarks posted on Internet websites that claim to be legitimate reporting sources on publishers, agents and others in the publishing and literary industry. The Company’s decision is to handle this situation via the court system. We will not validate these sites by entering into a cyberspace debate with nonprofessionals. Furthermore, we have invited our detractors to come and visit us, but they have refused. We have challenged them to produce solid evidence to back their (false) claims, but none has been forthcoming. Anyone desiring more information on our Company may contact us directly at 412-271-1100 or visit our facility for a friendly, candid discussion. We’re located at 7436 Washington Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15218. You can also make arrangements to meet with us at any of the larger trade shows, here or aboard.
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