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Thread: Absolute Royalty

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    Absolute Royalty


    As decreed by Jenna "in order to squash the love battles", Royalty for a day began.

    Our Royal History:

    King SeanDSchaffer
    Queen Reph
    King Robeaie (we haven't heard the last of this one)
    Queen ArrowQueen
    King aka eraser
    King ChunkyC
    Queen Jenna

    Starting the transition to week long reigns began with:
    Queen Susie and the tradition (with some glitches) has carried on since with:
    Queen Yeshanu
    King Poetinahat
    Queen Perks (this is when the wheels came off - what it meant to be AW Royalty changed from this day forward)
    King TrumanCoyote (then the hinges sprung loose)
    Queen JAlpha held the crown for a whole 2 minutes who passed it to
    King BrokenFingers who held the crown for a day
    Queen Tiny Terror began the reign of Terror
    Queen PSG
    Queen Jo
    a week's confusion and we have triumvirate TinyTerror, Robeaie and BrokenFingers
    Queen MacAllister fixed it - benevolent and jackbooted.
    Queen Unique
    King ShadowFerret
    Queen Jaycinth - she went mad, lost her grip on reality, and ran away from the castle.
    Robeaie came back.

    A great darkness washed over the realm of AW - reigns of Kings and Queens were lost, and in the light, when the dark had passed, confusion dimmed the doors of the castle
    Robeiae took over again.
    Queen WriterTerri said she was queen - survived from the dark time.
    She abdicated to King Godfather
    Robeaie stepped in again, gave the throne back to Terri -
    Godfather would not let go until he abdicated to
    Queen DamaNegra
    Queen TJ Writer
    Queen Stew21
    King KTC
    King TeddyG (he did not want the title and tried to pass the crown back to King Shadow Ferret until he was reminded that he could choose a harem)
    Queen Sassandgroove
    Queen Midnight Muse -

    (I only made it to page 70 fo the thread the other half on the way.)

    To be continued...
    I'll tell you the story of the yak, the dungeon, the moat, and the eggplant and the oranges and don't even get me started on Huggis - evil twin to Haggis - in our next installment.)

    We are currently King-less and Queen-less

    (let me guess, Robeiae is going to take it over again.)
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