I have a question.

I am definitely not a poet and havenít really had much exposure to it but Iíve come to appreciate the power of poetic verse to slap the reader upside the head or kick them in the chest. Or make them dizzy, or make time stop for a moment, or cause mist to form before their eyes orÖ well you know what Iím saying.

My question to the people here who write poetry: Do you edit and re-write your poems? And if you do, do you do so extensively?

Or do you just slam it down, straight from the gut, and let it lie there on the page?

I know re-writing is an important part of fiction and non-fiction writing Ė but Iíve always assumed that poetry is a more emotional form of writing, that part of its power derived from the transference of raw emotion to the page. So Iím just curious if poetry is spontaneous or if it is like other writing. Or if itís ??????....

This might seem a stupid question to some, but Iíve never ever really read any poetry (except for school Ė and who the hell really reads that??) until recently and Iíve become kinda intrigued by it. So Iím kinda out in left field with the sun in my eyes as far as that goes.

Anyways, I was just curious. Any comments are greatly appreciated.