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    We've lined up mods to help with this room -- which is really sort of an ongoing community history project.

    A number of terrific and amazing things have happened at AW. Some of them public, and some of them strictly behind the scenes (those amazing things, unfortunately, will for the most part remain invisible.)

    When Shwebb suggested this room, I had to think about how to do it, for a bit. My first inclination was to simply leave it closed, with copies of pertinent threads posted here, too . . .

    Then I realized that for history to be a living thing, it's important to be able to talk about it, ask questions, and examine it together. That's what this subforum is for.

    We welcome community participation, nominations for threads and AW events to be included, and general discussion.

    And a big thank you to Ol' Fashioned Girl, Clockwork_9, and Stew21 (who doesn't know yet, because she wasn't logged on when she was press-ganged volunteered) for taking on this task.
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