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Thread: Sara's 10 Basic Writing Tips

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    carpe noctem Sarita's Avatar
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    Sara's 10 Basic Writing Tips

    Here you go! Read it and learn! LOL.
    • Find something you're interested in and write about it. Sure, research so that you can write what you know, but learning while you write is always more fun!
    • Travel as much as you can to get good visuals for settings. If you can’t travel, get some good adventure magazines from your local library and visit new locales every week.
    • Read. Read. Read. In a variety of genres and styles. Fiction writers can learn from everyone, fiction and nonfiction alike.
    • When you're in the writing groove, leave yourself love notes for the next day, things like, "James is going to kill his brother in the next scene. Be sure to leave the knife on the buffett," or “John wants to kiss Ellen. Make sure they get some alone time.” As Hemingway says, don’t let your well run dry.
    • Talk to people where ever you go. I know some writers tend to be loners or introverts, but step outside the comfort zone for the sake of your art. It’s worth it. That silly girl behind the cash register at the grocery store would make a great supporting character, if you only gave her the chance!
    • Try reading some of your favorite books in another language, if you know one. The perspective and language use will surprise you and quite possibly give you ideas for beautifully worded prose.
    • Do crosswords to flex your language muscles. Language continues to change and evolve, keep up with it. Subscribe to the word of the day at various different sites. Keep expanding your vocabulary.
    • Have beta readers you can trust, but be sure to have enough confidence in your own writing before you hand it out. Occasionally, 5 betas will say 5 different things. You need to know your work so that you can decide who to listen to.
    • Hydrate! Nothing worse than a cranky writer.
    • Enjoy the process.

    Guest Additions:

    Courtesy of the Grand Master CC: Remember that "write what you know" isn't just about knowing the proper name of the widget your psycho-killer uses to slice out his victim's spleen, it's about emotions too, which is every bit as important if not more so.
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    "There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees." ~ Hugo

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