Has anyone published with them? You have to pay, because it is a POD, but they screen what MS they get in (so they aren't a vanity publisher) and if you pay a little more, they will allow returns, which gives you a WAY better chance of getting your book into stores (though it's never a guarantee). And for a small fee, they will keep a certain amount of books in storage, so that if someone orders them, they don't have to way that LONG wait for them to print up the book. I was considering them for my books and wanted to get some heads up whether they are good or not. Anyone ever gone through them? Any opinions are appreciated!

(By the way, I considered going through an agent or a traditional publisher, but my first book, the first of a series I have been writing for 7 years, ends on a cliffhanger, which I've been told will make my book really hard to publish, because publishers tend not to invest in a series unless they know for sure it will be a success. So, that's why I was looking around on the internet for this type of publisher)

E.G. Gammon