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Thread: Frequently Asked Grammar Questions

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    Frequently Asked Grammar Questions

    Coming soon... this thread (yes, this one right here!) will feature links to various popular grammar questions in the grammar forum. This has long been a plan, and I'm finally getting around to doing it.

    It will be a work-in-progress for a while, as I don't have a lot of time at the moment to weed through all the threads, but in a few weeks I hope to have this thread full of FAQs!


    This thread is not going to be for asking questions; rather, it will feature links to existing threads. This is to avoid the same questions being asked over and over again as brand new threads. (The freelance writing forum has something similar, with frequently asked questions about freelancing.)

    I'll probably create sub-headers, e.g., "Comma Questions." Below the sub-headers I will link to all the existing related threads.

    (For the time being I will leave the thread open for responses and requests for other FAQ, but if it ever gets too far off-topic I may close it.)

    FAQ: Words

    Lay vs. Lie

    The Definitive Lay-or-Lie thread
    laid, lain, lie, lies?
    Another "Lay" Question
    Lay vs. lie
    Lays or lies?
    Lay or lie?

    Dates, Numerals, Numbers

    Writing dates in dialogue


    Either side/Both sides


    Was or were?


    Between / Among


    Is "of" necessary?


    Have question about modifiers


    Would Be Tense Question


    Weeding "that" out of your manuscript




    FAQ: Punctuation issues


    Possessive Question
    Possessive... Markus' or Markus's?
    Presidents', President's or Presidents Day
    Writer's Group or Writers' Group?
    Possessive... Markus' or Markus's?
    Photo's or photos?


    Capitalization Question


    Comma, Si! Or Comma, No!
    Commas and Direct Address
    Too many commas?
    Even more commas
    Commas, commas, commas
    Over comma-ing?


    Ellipsis at the end of a quote, and at the end of a sentence.


    year-old... two hyphen questions
    Short-hand, shorthand, or short hand?


    Using quotation marks and italicising etc.

    Quotation Marks

    Quote within Dialogue
    Using a comma or period with quotation marks
    Punctuation inside quotation marks
    Using quotation marks and italicising etc.
    I is forgetting my rules about quotes
    Sentence with a question in the middle
    For a slight change


    Semi-colon question


    "a" versus "an" before the letter "h"

    Interrupted dialogue, ellipses, em-dashes, lowercase vs. caps

    Last edited by dpaterso; 04-02-2011 at 09:50 PM. Reason: Adding more FAQs
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