If found Rock Publishing through Writer's Market. Here's the website: http://www.rockpublishing.com/. They look like a real (if small) publisher. (Forrest Ackerman, gosh!)

Well, I sent in my manuscript and after a lengthy delay, I got a message on my answering machine to call him back! With trembling hands (this might be IT!), I called him.

He apologized for the delay, but explained he has been developing a new business model. He assured me he was a traditional publisher with ties to many (unspecified) distributors. But he just didn't have the money to publish all of the wonderful manuscripts he's been getting, so he's decided to ask the authors to chip in and help.

Best of all, he liked my novel so much, he decided to give me the super-duper deluxe package for the base-package price! We talked for a while. My end of it consisted of agreeable noises (um-hm, yep, really?). I agreed to think about his offer, and I'd let him know.

In truth, I was thinking I wasn't interested. I may be green, but I'm not THAT green. (I'm more olive-drab than kelly.) The thing is, I'm not looking to make a million dollars on my first book. I'm hoping my first book will help sell my second book. (And so forth, ad infinitum it is to be hoped.) If it becomes popular knowledge that Rock is a subsidy press, that won't happen.

Oh well. Who's next on my list?