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Thread: Favorite lines you've written

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    figuring it all out
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    Jul 2017
    Disfigured M/C in 1960 Knoxville Tn.:

    "'One of the guys at work had introduced him to a friendly working girl down on Magnolia Avenue, close to the bus terminal and he would go see her once a month. She charged him ten dollars for two hours in her room and didn't care about his face. He thought that was nice of her. Sometimes he would give her an extra dollar. She would even kiss him on the cheek now when he left and call him Sugar. He was a regular after all. She didn't mind how his face looked. She did care that he had ten dollars."

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Tbdanny's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    South East Queensland, Australia
    This one, because it's when I first 'got' my MC:

    "Yes, I have scars. You can gape at them later. Right now, your friend needs my help."

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    Huh. kkbe's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Left of center
    Quote Originally Posted by Icarus_Burned View Post
    As the universe was still yawning and the would be suns hung lifeless and dark like dead flies in a spiderweb, Father spoke to my Sister and I

    Just rewrote and i quite like it.
    Me, too.
    From CHERRY:
    “You repeat unhealthy behaviors. You did it with me and you did it with Cheryl.”
    “How do you know what I did with Cheryl?”
    “Seriously?” she said. “You think we never picked up the phone?”
    “Come on.”
    “You think we never talked about you?”
    “Wait a minute,” I said. “Really?”
    “No, not really. Jesus.”
    I’d forgotten how mean Beth could be when she was pissed.

    /kk's blog will return/

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Sep 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by kkbe View Post
    Me, too.

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    Sophipygian AW Moderator Alessandra Kelley's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Vampire gets introspective:

    “I remember,” she said softly, “how strange it was to realize that I was a soulless corpse, a creature of corruption. It all happened so quickly. And then ... there I was, still me but on the wrong side of creation.” She looked away. “We change as we need to to survive,” she said. “But I still remember that what I am was once shocking to me.”

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin EmmaLoerick's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    WIP about young royals:
    "She'd be an exciting Queen. A real thrill ride. She could bring back the beheadings."

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    It's not worth taking seriously SimaLongfei's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    Is it kosher to drop in a line that I didn't write? I'm in love with Matthew Colville's line:
    "It's not that. It's a train wreck, and I stared at the inkblots long enough until I saw a butterfly."
    Starting small and building up to bigger things is a theme of books, and this signature.
    Favorite book list so far: Dune, Kushiel's Dart, Name of the Wind, Dresden Files, Seraphina, and more to come.

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