Hey, y'all,

Okay, my first novel, which came out as an e-book quite some time ago now and which I've really kind of neglected since then, is now relevant to current issues, namely the same-sex marriage controversy. I have the feeling that with the right PR, it could do very well and maybe even find itself a more traditional publisher (it is also available in POD trade paperback at SynergEbooks).

The problem is that I know squat about PR. In fact, I probably am the most suckalicious person in the world when it comes to PR. Is there anyone out there willing to help me market this puppy and drum up the controversy that I know it's capable of drumming up and boost sales?

It's a romantic SF novel in which the protagonists come from variants of Earth. Our heroine is from "here", and our hero is from a parallel reality where homosexuality is the norm (and wasn't it fun finding out how reproduction works in his society) and his society is rabidly heterophobic to the point that if you ARE hetero and it gets out, it can get you killed in some ugly mob violence. And of course, Our Hero IS hetero.

When he gets zapped out of his world and plunked down in a nowhere place where he meets Our Heroine, he doesn't really know how to go about approaching her as his attraction grows. The main story is how they and a few others try to discover where they are and how to get home; his story is the changes and growth he goes through during the process.

Anyone? Anyone? I can send you the e-book copy to read. The first three chapters are on my webpage: http://www.cebarrett.com/angels1.htm