I have contacted Rain and they are adamant that they must have the copyright in their name. The issue is totally non-negotiable. I found several of their books on Google Books, where they are copied in their entirety for reading, printing or download. I talked to some of the authors whose books appear here and they were never told about it. Raid has advised me that they have decided to no longer participate in this program, but that still means the authors of those other books are totally screwed. There is no place to purchase their books, other than from a couple of Canadain military base stores (Canex), from one or two stores where some of their authors live, and from the publisher themselves, and authors concerns about this have not been addressed at all. I have talked with two authors who are thrilled with their publisher, I have talked to many more who are definitely not. I very sincerely wish all of them the best of luck with their books, but I would warn people very strongly about signing new contracts with them.