Together we can build dreams!

Rain Publishing is not producing books; it is creating a mental voyage. A magic carpet ride to escape reality for a moment in time and become one with the written world of thoughtful illusion.
For aspiring authors, at times the world of book publishing can appear to be a rather overwhelming process.

As a published author I have seen this frustrating and sad cycle many times. However Rain Publishing has begun a new revolution of conventional publishing.

Did you know that most publishing companies accept less than one percent of proposals received? I am Tilly Rivers and I am sending out the word in hopes that together we will be able to continue to feed the dream for upcoming new authors, and change that percentage level.

Rain Publishing’s policy is to continuously encourage new writers and is now accepting open proposals in all categories from contemporary, complete novel, poem or short story formats.

As a writer I can not possibly stress how happy I am that Rain Publishing is offering this unique opportunity to the thousands of talented writer’s who have been frustrated in their attempts to have their dreams become a reality. Shutting out alternative viewpoints, and missing new talent is not what Rain Publishing is about.

Rain Publishing is about breaking through all the barriers, discovering new empowering publishing policies so we may build dreams for new authors. .

To be able to transport another into an adventure of the mind is not a talent that should be so easily dismissed. I believe we could transform the dream into reality.

It is through your belief in your dream as an author, and Rain Publishing’s belief in the same dream that we will be able to give you a new inspiring, talented creative mind the opportunity in which you may become the next author of the decade.

Please contact me at
[email protected] to find out how you can submit your work to Rain Publishing. Or visit

It is my honor and privilege to support Rain Publishing. And to proudly say that they are my exclusive publisher.
Kind regards,

Tilly Rivers