The January blog chain looked like fun, so when no one posted anything about a February blog chain, I asked Arachne Jericho when the next one was going to start. She and Auria Cortes ganged up on me and suggested that if I wanted to participate in a blog chain, I could just start one. I thought that over for about 30 seconds, and now here I am.


Deadline to enter: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2008, 6:00PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (GMT-6:00)

Most of you with 2500+ posts on the boards probably know how this works. For the newbies like me, my understanding is that it goes like this:

1. Tell me that you want to participate, by email, private AW message, orby replying to this thread. If you have a preference for beginning, middle, or end, let me know that, too. Make sure you give me the name and URL of your blog.
2. On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, I will post the list here, including (assuming I can figure out how to do it) the code for a list of links for all the participants. You should post the link list to your blog right at the beginning.
3. When it's your turn, make sure you: (1) post a link to the permalink of the entry of the person before you; (2) post a link to the main page of the person after you; (3) post a comment in this thread notifying us all that you've posted, with a permalink to your post; and (4) email or PM the person after you so that he/she knows you've posted.
4. For your post itself, take some element from the post of the person before you in the chain and incorporate it into your own.

The theme, as I said, will be BALANCE. If any of the instructions are unclear, let me know by a reply here or by email. Please let me know by 6:00pm CST on Saturday, February 9, 2008.